Flatbed Towing Truck Calgary

Safest Mode of Transporting your Vehicle!

flatbed towing calgary
flatbed towing calgary

Are you in need of special care for one of your antique, exotic, classic, or expensive vehicles? You have landed at the right place if you need towing and transportation services excelling in extra care and protection of your prized possession. God Light Towing is offering you specialized flatbed towing services in Calgary that provide the utmost care handling your exotic vehicle.

Our flat bed tow trucks are designed specifically for transporting various kinds of equipment, vehicles, and machinery safely. These tow trucks are extremely flexible and can be used for loading and unloading heavier objects easily. For smooth unloading of the vehicles, the back of the trucks can be changed into the inclined position. Just call us up to get a quote!

Our trucks can help in the towing of all kinds of vehicles allowing us in loading expensive and exotic sports cars at ground level for the most secured and controlled loading services. Our flatbed tow trucks are extremely flexible and can load quickly and unload heavier objects too.

It is the most preferable choice to haul expensive and classic cars from one place to another with our increased expertise to handle exotic vehicles. Our tow truck drivers are trained professionally for transporting every model of antique and rare vehicles with proper care and precision.

Reach us now for the most reliable and safest flatbed towing services in Calgary!

Why Hire Us?

  • The trucks can carry several heavy vehicles easily.
  • The loading and unloading of vehicles are no longer a complex process.
  • We offer special strapping ensuring a safe journey for your vehicle.