Towing Truck Calgary

Housing the Best Towing Trucks of Latest Models

Towing Truck Calgary
Towing Truck Calgary

God Light Towing is a team of professionally trained and experienced drives including heavy-duty vehicles. We offer towing truck services in the whole region of Calgary. Our drivers are certified and highly skilled in terms of performing this precise job. We treat our client’s vehicle as our own when it comes to towing services. So, contact us now and get prepared for the most friendly and reliable towing service!

When a specific vehicle is suffering from a mechanical issue that cannot be fixed using simple tools, is when heavy-duty towing is often required. Durable tow trucks are involved in this hauling process for towing the car from one place to the other without damaging it. We offer reliable services using durable equipment and have expert towing operators to ensure that the vehicle is safely towed in case you need a tow truck service in Calgary.

God Light Towing is based in Calgary offering specialized heavy-duty towing and recovery of vehicle services around the Calgary area. Our heavy-duty tow trucks can efficiently tow some of the heaviest trucks that including semi-trailers, dump trucks, coach buses, and more. We can effectively and efficiently haul combined units like a dump truck along with a pup trailer.

We also offer accident towing services along with emergency roadside assistance with the help of our fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks. When it comes to the trucking industry, we understand the massive significance of time. It is why we ensure that you get back on road quickly for continued business operations.

Feel free to call us at any time of the day or night for efficient, timely, and dependable heavy-duty towing services in Calgary!

Why Hire Us?

  • Quick/Instant response and arrival timing in the entire Calgary.
  • Competitive pricing for every kind of towing service.
  • Customer-friendly and reliable service.
  • We are available 24/7 responding to emergency calls.
  • We also offer long-distance hauling services.

Anytime Anywhere in Calgary, God Light Offers experienced Tow Truck Service available 24×7. Call us 403 542 9896 and book tow.